Obama urged to 'tilt' towards India to solve Afghan problem

"Should Pakistan not change its ways, we can also do one other thing: an American tilt towards India to encourage the world's largest democracy to bankroll an Afghan government that fights terror and the ISI," Senator Mark Kirk, said in his speech early this week after his third two-week Afghan assignment as Naval Reserve Intelligence Commander.

"Given the lying and duplicity of Pakistan, it appears that a tilt towards India will allow us to reduce our forces in Afghanistan, knowing that India will help bankroll the Afghan government. This would allow us to reduce our troops while also reducing the possibility of it becoming another terrorist safe haven," he said.

"Pakistanis would object to this 'pro-Indian' outcome. They will only have their own ISI to blame. September 11 teaches us that neither the United States nor India can tolerate a new, formal Afghan terror state," Kirk said.

"It's too bad Pakistan looks like it has chosen to back the losing side, Afghan terrorists, against the Afghan people and the two largest democracies on earth," the Senator said, adding that on the 10th Anniversary of 9/11, all should agree that Afghanistan should never be a major threat to America again.

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