Living with shrapnels and nails that may never come out

Living with shrapnels and nails that may never come out

 His wife Jaspal says he wants to know if nails and shrapnel are still inside his body. 
Singh, driver with a south Delhi family, was getting a gate pass made for his employers when a bomb went off at a gate of the Delhi High Court complex Wednesday morning.

He received severe injuries on both his legs, and is now on life support. He doesn't know it as yet, but if lives, it will have to be with metal pieces stuck inside his body.

"He was standing in the queue to get the pass made. Doctors have said there has been a lot of blood loss. Whenever my husband talks to me, he says he can still feel the shock of sharp objects in his   body,” Jaspal told IANS.

Jaspal, the mother of two, has not been able to sleep since Wednesday. "Some of the nails will remain inside him. He should be alive, that's all I want,” she says, not making eye-contact.

Doctors say if the location of the "foreign body is deep inside", it has to be left alone considering the fear of “clinical dislodging” or damage to surrounding arteries and nerves.

"Due to heat and other treatment, the particles can be left inside. If they are long nails, we need to take them out. For the minute ones, it's difficulty to dig so deep,” said Sandeep Saxena, head of accident and emergency department at the hospital.   
The hospital currently has some 23 patients injured in the blast, while 21 have been discharged.

The injured recovering at the hospital are more than thankful to the hospital for saving their lives.

"Doctors have been really helpful since the first day. For my family, they are the saviours because of whom I am alive today,” says Alauddin, 40, whose one leg was injured in the blast.

"We talk of government hospitals being insensitive. I would ask people to come here and visit us,” the Daryaganj resident, who had gone to the court to attend a hearing on his sealed workshop, said.Thirteen people were killed and over 90 injured in the blast.