Member made to walk out for allegation against Bopaiah

Last Updated 15 September 2011, 17:29 IST

An allegation made by Zilla Panchayat Member Sarita Poonacha against Assembly Speaker K G Bopaiah caused her humiliation as she was made to go out of the General Body meeting, on Thursday at Kote hall.

During the meeting Sarita Poonacha said that it is due to Bopaiah’s special interest that Nirmiti Kendra has been handed over canal construction and pond development work near Hosakere despite several complaints against the Kendra.

This comment fuelled turbulence during the meeting. The ruling party members demanded Sarita to tender apology to Bopaiah. They said that if Sarita failed to do so then she should be sent out of the meet and stern action should be taken against her.

“I did not make any false allegation. Member Rajarao, ZP President Ravi Kushalappa and K G Bopaiah did have a role to play in Nirmiti Kendra getting the said two projects,” she said adding that she can produce documents to prove the same.

Brushing aside this, the ruling party member continued to demand apology from her.

Standing for herself, Sarita said that on one hand elected representatives are making hue and cry over the fact that Nirmiti Kendra has not been executing quality work and on the other hand the same elected representatives are going out of their way to give works to Nirmiti Kendra.

“What is the reason behind this kind of liking for Nirmiti Kendra,” questioned Sarita.
“From an outset it is clear that misappropriation of Rs 1.20 crore has taken place. Should I apologise for exposing the misuse of funds,” she asked.

The members gathered at the well of the house and protested.

Sensing that the situation was going out of control, ZP Chief Ravi Kushalappa adjourned the meeting for 15 minutes. But, when the meeting resumed, the members continued with the same topic.

When Sarita continued to cling on to her decision that she would not tender an apology, the ZP Chief asked her to go out of the meeting hall.

After Sarita went out, other members raised objection over the fact that Nirmiti Kendra District ManagerYoganarasimhaswamy who was suspended earlier, has been now re-appointed to the same post.

However, ZP CEO N Krishnappa clarified that Deputy Commissioner has directed the Manager to re-join the duty.

ZP Chief said that Yoganarasimhaswamy must be suspended and Sathyanarayana must be given the responsibility.He said that a meeting to review the work of Nirmiti Kendra should be held within a week with the DC in chair.

“The complaints against the Kendra are increasing day by day. If this continues then the works given to the Kendra will be taken away and handed over to Engineering Department of the Zilla Panchayat,” Rav Kushalappa said.

Complaint soon

However, humiliated and raged Sarita Poonacha has decided to take the issue up with the Lokayukta soon. Speaking to reporters later, she said that it was wrong on the part of the ZP Chief to not allow discussion on such an important matter.“I will not only move to the court but will also complain to the Lokayukta,” she said.

(Published 15 September 2011, 17:26 IST)

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