Today's letters

Today's letters

Medical scam

Sir, This is with reference to ‘Medical colleges in proxy sleaze’ (DH, October 3). Hats off to the City Crime Branch (CCB) of police for unearthing the seat selling scam in the city-based private medical college involving a whopping Rs 300 crore. Having zeroed in on the scandal, CCB, should now expose the conspirators involved in such scams.

H P Murali

Whose wealth?

Recently while I was in the USA, I came across a news report of much relevance not only to the Mining Bill but also to your editorial, 'Towards inclusion' (DH, October 3). The report said 6,47,549 Alaskans, including new borns, had become eligible to share  state’s royalty from exploitation of its oil wealth.  Each Alaskan would be reportedly given a cheque for $1,174.

The Indian mining bill proposes to put the royalties from mining operations into some sort of a pool. But the fear is that politicians will dip their fingers into the pool and no tribal owner of the affected land would ever get to see any cash.

S. N. Balasubrahmanyam

Injustice to the teachers


This is with reference to ‘5 lakh varsity teachers still waiting for arrears’ (DH, October 2). The news gives wrong information by saying that none of the states has given UGC pay revision arrears to the teachers. The government of Tamil Nadu paid arrears to its college and university teachers in three installments many months ago.

I believe a political lobby with vested interest is behind this delay. The state government should pay the arrears along with reasonable interest immediately.

Prof. M.Maheen

Planners in ivory tower

This refers to the article 'Montek may review BPL benchmark' (DH, October 2). The Planning Commission’s guidelines on poverty shows that it has locked up itself in an ivory tower and lost touch with reality.

These indices for poverty are a sham and show no application of mind. The Planning Commission has become a refuge for those who have retired from government service. Such people should be sent home to tend to their gardens in peace.

S Kamat AG

PC should resign

 Sir, This refers to " Pranab's letter to PM may put PC in a spot "( DH, September 29 ).With the inter- ministerial background note, Pranab has made public the " Chidambara Rahasya" of the nexus between Raja & PC in respect of the 2 G scam. Chidambaram should immediately quit to keep the high traditions of probity in public life.

S Narendra,
Padmanabhanagar, Bangalore

US responsible for rise of Haqqani group

This refers to 'US mulls terror tag to Haqqani Network' (DH, September 29)
The US intelligence agencies could be correct in pinpointing the Haqqani network for the recent militant attack on the US embassy in Kabul.Yet the US cannot afford to forget the grim truth that it had groomed Haqqani network, on the lines of Taliban to inflict perpetual damage to the Russians in Afghanistan, who were supporting the regime, in the seventies.

S. Lakshmi

Unfair criticism

Sir, This is with reference to ‘Anna’s Jan Lokpal bill criticised at Par panel’ (DH, September 24). It was expected that the Congress would oppose Anna Hazare’s Jan Lokpal Bill. But the legal luminary Harish Salve’s opinion that the bill is unconstitutional and that it would destroy constitutional liberties is superfluous and illogical. The 2G scam has highlighted the need to bring MPs and the PM under the Jan Lokpal Bill’s ambit.  

A Seshagiri Rao

Will to survive

Sir, This refers to: ‘Woman swims for 12 hours to save self’ (DH, September 25).
Kudos to Amrita Kumari for swimming for 12 hours to save her life. Thanks to her will power, grit and determination, she saved herself from a certain death that was planned by her husband and mother-in-law.
Sakunthala Seshanna
Rajajinagar, Banglaore

Not worth a read

In his autobiography, ‘Controversially Yours’, Shoaib Akhtar has made allegations of ball tampering and cheating against many cricketers. He has even mentioned that Sachin Tendulkar and Rahul Dravid are 'not match winners'. Knowing Shoaib Akhtar's abrasive personality and his approach to the game, one would not waste time in reading the book.

The autobiography ‘Controversially Yours’ by Shoaib Akhtar reminds us of George Bernard Shaw's remarks. When an 'author' like Shoaib Akhtar gave George Bernard Shaw his book to read, Shaw accepted the book and said: I will lose no time in reading it !!!


Protect the environment

The state government should immediately intervene to stop the rapid commercialization of land around Nandi hills. The heritage site, which is home to a large variety of flora and fauna is also well known for its historic temples and monuments. The government can plan to develop the area as an eco-tourism spot or include it in the heritage circuit.

Anil P

Omar Abdullah’s act highly objectionable

We have a CM of a state in India whose sympathies are with Pakistan and who considers Kashmir as a disputed territory and also considers PoK as not belonging to India. PoK or Pak occupied Kashmir was taken by Pakistan in 1948 because of Nehru's negligence and he made no attempt to get it back.

A recent RTI has revealed that Omar spent Rs.11 crore on a helicopter ride of former PM of PoK Sultan Mohammmd Choudhary who was on a private visit to Pahalgam in Kashmir.
The question is, can we have a Chief Minister in India who considers his own state as a disputed territory!


Patil’s resignation morally correct

This refers to: ‘Site row forces Patil out’ (DH, Sep 20). Unlike the political class with a refrain: ‘innocent, till proved guilty’, the visibly upset and hurt Lokayukta unable to take the barrage of criticism had to submit his resignation letter.  His action is not only morally correct but also could silence the people who are baying for his resignation.


Indian politicians lack sincerity

The details of "UP Pradhan serves people at their doorsteps" (DH, Sep 20) made happy reading. If a physically disabled person could do so much for the betterment of his village community, what prevents able bodied leaders to serve the people? Undoubtedly, they lack sincerity of purpose and spend their time in accumulating money. It is sad indeed that Brijesh Kumar has been the Pradhan of Jaura Village for the past five years and yet, his one-room house does not have a door. One is reminded of the ancient story of the happiest man in a country not having a shirt of his own!

Mrs. Alice K Jose

Employ train conductors in the railways

This refers to article “Fatal penalty: Ticketless travel costs villager his life” (DH, Sep 19). Indian Railways is the most sought after option for travel by every Indian. It also deserves appreciation for keeping fares at an all time low.

Though they earn profits in crores,  it is high time they employ “train conductors” in line with bus conductors who will issue tickets in general compartments only . Squads can check the veracity of the travellers in course of the journey. It is a nuisance to see scores of people in front of ticket counters in stations. The problem is severe during holidays.


China’s double standards

This is with reference to the editorial “Troubled waters” (DH, Sep 19). It is unfortunate that China has objected to India’s oil and gas exploration projects in the disputed South China Sea. What is more galling is its big brotherly attitude: the Dragon has warned India against inking agreements with its rival Vietnam in executing projects in the South China Sea, which it considers as a disputed region. According to China, its enemy should be treated as an enemy by other countries. China has no compunction over building several infrastructure projects in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir, over which India lays claim, thereby disregarding India’s sensitivity. This clearly belies its double standards.

In recent years China has chosen to issue stapled visas to residents of J& K, thereby questioning India’s territorial integrity and sovereignty over Kashmir. China is slowly and surely spreading its tentacles in regions around it, browbeating several sovereign states into submission.

B.H Shanmukhappa

Hazare’s campaign turning into a farce

It seems Anna Hazare wants to build a party of like minded people. Earlier, there were reports that the RSS was behind Hazare’s movement. RSS seems disillusioned as its other avatars have lost sheen.

We can only hope that the people of this country are not easily fooled by such propaganda wherein the ultimate goal is to capture power.

Ashok Donthi

US Congressional Report lacks substance

This refers to: ‘US report predicts Rahul-Modi PM contest’ (DH, Sep 15).  To juxtapose, Mr.Modi who is a time tested politician with vast experience in administration, hard task master and go-getter and Rahul Gandhi, who is yet to prove his mettle, as a politician is foolish.

Mr. Modi climbed up the ladder from the grass root level without props from anybody; whereas Rahul has been straightaway given the top slot in the party’s hierarchy.

Indians need not attach too much importance to Congressional Research Service (CRS) report.   


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