Team Anna to campaign against Hissar N-plant

Team Anna to campaign against Hissar N-plant

“The decision of the plant has been taken without any consent of the local people. The land is also being acquired without people’s consent. So, people are opposed to it. The accident in Fukushima nuclear plant in Japan has made people scared. The plant is so dangerous that it can affect vast areas in case of an accident. This is an issue for the coming Lok Sabha by-election in Hissar,” Team Anna member Prashant Bhushan said on Tuesday.

Anna’s team has decided to make this by-election a testing ground for its demand for right to reject in elections. It declared that the India Against Corruption will campaign among the electorates to reject those candidates who do not give in writing to support the Jan Lokpal bill when it comes in Parliament for passage during its winter session.
In addition, Anna’s team is demanding a written declaration from the party the candidate belongs to, so that any party whip should not deter them to support the bill.

“We will not support any candidate. People can vote for any of those who declare to support Jan Lokpal bill. However, we would appeal the people to avoid who are tainted even if they support the bill,” said Arvind Kejriwal.

Anna’s team has given the deadline of September, 30  for giving written assurance to support the bill. Team Anna will start campaigning against those who fail to give written assurance by then.

“Anna will also issue an appeal to the electorates. He may also come to join this right to reject campaign,” said Kejriwal. The Lokpal bill is likely to be discussed and passed in coming winter session of Parliament, and Anna and his team have already decided to campaign against those parties who would not support Jan Lokpal bill during its passage in Parliament.

“We will campaign against those parties in coming Assembly elections who fail to keep up the promise made in Hissar Lok Sabha by-election,” said Kiran Bedi.