Nest lost, even before their first flight

Nest lost, even before their first flight

The palm plantation on the court premises in Shidlaghatta town, has, for long, been a home to many a bird. The plantation is green with varieties of flowering plants and bushes and is full of life, thanks to the chirpy birds, which have ‘constructed’ nests on the branches, hives and fronds of the trees.

The plantation is mostly haunted by the green barbets, who have made their homes here since several ages.

Courting nature
Even as the lawyers and their clients kept visiting the court to settle cases, the green barbets continued to live happily with their expanding families.

Along with palm trees, creepers and bushes have added richness to the green space, an otherwise contrast to the daily hustle-bustle of the court.

Hibiscus, roses and flowers are also found growing here. Sparrows, squirrels, mynas and several other birds visit the greens, which are maintained and taken care of by the lawyers.

Green ventilation
According to advocate Sathyanarayana, the people are so busy with their day-to-day affairs that they hardly find time to look after these things. Yet, they have made it a point to ensure that there is some kind of ‘green ventilation’ from the otherwise busy humdrum.

A few days ago, unfortunately, a couple of palm trees, which had virtually dried up, give away. And down came the nests and the eggs crashing. When the mother bird came in search of its little ones, it was a sight which could turn anybody into tears.

Return to loss
Alas, the trees, which were home to the birds for the last several years, were gone. Gone in a few seconds?

If only the lawyers, who otherwise fight for the rights of their fellow beings, could also fight for the birds who have lost their abode.