He has designs on clay pots

He has designs on clay pots

Pottery is family profession for Harikrishna. But he went one step ahead and developed interest in making clay sculptures than just pots in his childhood. His father-in-law Balakrishna Kulal identified the talent of the boy and backed him. Later, Harikrishna developed different ideas and skills without any guidance.

With a dream, he went to Bangalore to a art school where his teacher himself wondered by the talent of Harikrishna. As a result, Harikrishna was appointed as chief trainer for learners.

But Harikrishna had a different idea. He wanted to start his own business. So he returned from silicon city to Kayarthadka, an interior place near Ujire and started his own business, that is, creating sculpture out of clay and teaching this art for those who are interested. Harikrishna started designing sculptures of God, mud lamps, flower pots, water container and different kind of animal sculptures.

About the process Harikrishna said, “We buy clay from Bangadi (A village near Belthangadi) and then crush and dry well under sunlight. Later, water will be added to smooth and clean mud to make different kind of sculptures out of it. After designing sculptures, it has to be dried for 15 days and it will be baked for 7 hours”.

Sculptures for temple
Harikrishna designs different kind of clay sculptures for Surya temple which is near Ujire, where devotees offer clay sculptures according to their wishes. He designes human body parts, house, vehicles, computer and many other kind of things out of clay for the devotees of Surya Sadashiva Swami.

“We have demand for around 40,000 clay sculptures for the temple every month and 17 of us working on the same, get an income of around Rs 80,000 per month. After giving salary to other clay designers, I can save around Rs 15,000,” said Harikrishna.
Many celebrities like Kannada film actor Jaggesh and Yash have purchased clay sculptures from Harikrishna. Manila swami felicitated him with ‘Khyatha Mannina Pathregara’ honour. “Because of the blessings of Surya Sadashiva Swami, I mastered this art. From past 10 years, I am busy with this work. I am proud of my profession. If anyone interested to learn this art, I am ready to give them training” says a humble Harikrishna.

Unique lamp
Harikrishna and his brother Vijay are presently busy designing a huge clay lamp. “The height of this lamp will be 10.5 feet. No one in our country designed this kind of clay lamp. It will be a record when we finish the work,” says Harikrishna.