Reliance Group denies role in 2G scam

Reliance Group denies role in 2G scam

In a statement, the spokesperson of Anil Ambani-led Reliance Group said no chargesheeted Reliance executive has expressed any intention to become approver.

It said there was no change in stand by any of the Reliance executives and that neither Reliance Telecom nor promoter group were beneficiaries of any telecom licence issued in January, 2008.

The statement claimed that CBI's counsel clearly stated before the trial court that Reliance was not part of the 2G conspiracy.

It said the CBI was now raising new issues to oppose bail to three Reliance executives.
A statement by senior counsel Hariharan on behalf of the three executives said "trial" by media was making a mockery of the judicial process.

Making points similar to those contained in the group's statement, Hariharan said the 9.9 equity interest in Swan Telecom held by Reliance Telecom was sold months before the grant of licence to Swan Telecom.