Rituals to please rain god

Rituals to please rain god


In a bid to appease the rain god, the people have been performing various rituals and special poojas. In Yaluvahalli village people purified the ancient statue of Iraraya by pouring 101 pots of water and offered a special pooja. There is a belief among the villagers that if your pray to the statue with earnestness and devotion, rain is sure ot come.

Past success

“In the past when there was drought, when people offered prayers to the Iraraya statue, there were rains”, says Munisomappa, a senior citizen of the village.

Therefore with a great belief pooja is offered to the statue. The youth of the village cleaned the statue, decorated it, performed pooja and distributed prasad. The people believe that by performing this ritual, it will rain within a week, Munisomappa added, speaking about the past.

Farmer leader from Yaluvahalli Sonne Gowda, Grama Panchayat member Chandru and several youth from the village took the initiative to perform the pooja.

Special prayers

In the City, another kind of ritual took place to appease the rain god. In Vapasandra, the elders and youngsters performed a special pooja for the rain god.

After nine days of performing rituals, on the final day on Friday, the statue of rain god was carried on the head and taken from house to house. the woman of each house poured a pot of water on the rain god and prayed for rains.