A great fall for Chandana

A great fall for Chandana

Chandana Sharma

While the cast and crew had loads of fun filming the dance sequence, a funny incident took place when Chandana and her co-star Gaurav Khanna were shooting their dance number.

Chandana revealed, “I had to take a round and go towards Gaurav where he was supposed to hold me, but suddenly, I found myself on the floor.” That must have hurt real bad right? “More than being hurt, I was really embarrassed about the situation, but such incidents do happen while shooting. Today we all have a good laugh on what happened during the shoot of the dance sequence.”

When asked about her co-star Gaurav’s reaction to the situation, Chandana said, “He felt really bad and apologised to me, but I don’t blame him. It’s just that we miscalculated the timing.” But for Chandana, it’s not for the first time. “This keeps on
happening to me. I have this unusual tendency to fall.”

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