Nature of spirituality

Nature of spirituality

He is equally aware that it is to be found within himself and outside himself. The late Sri Sathya Sai Baba used to say: “Watch your thoughts, they become words! Watch your words, they become actions! Watch your actions, they become habits! Watch your habits, they become character! Watch your character, they become destiny!”

While the call to become spiritual and experience the universe around us in spiritual terms is universal, not everybody can embrace this path all at once. It is not given to all. There is a time and place for that to happen but it is up to us to create and hasten that opportunity.
According to Sadguru Sri Sharavana Baba, taking up the spiritual path requires a certain yogam or destiny. It is open to all human beings to create this destiny for themselves through tyagam or sacrifice. Selfless service according to the master constitutes such sacrifice.

Consider for example, the Navarathri message of Sadguru Sri Sharavana Baba: Om Sharavanabhava! Blessings for Self Awareness! May all evils be destroyed! May all good things come your way! Blessings for your good health! Blessings for your happiness!
Blessings for your all round well-being! May all of you have occasions for serving the under privileged! May every child go to School! May all of them be educated in a joyful manner! Through learning, may they grow wise and enlightened!”

“May the blessings of the Divine Mother make everything auspicious! Pray to the Almighty Mother to help us overcome all natural disasters, all mental agony  and sadness and all physical  ailments!  May all impediments to the performance of good karmas be removed! May all family sorrows and problems be destroyed!

“Let us come together to offer a million prostrations at  the lotus feet of  the Divine Mother on the sacred occasion of Navarathri  and pray for  self confidence, health and prosperity and knowledge and enlightenment. Lead us Divine Mother from multiplicity to unity and may peace prevail in all the worlds!”

The love and compassion that a realized master radiates is easily evident from the above lines. Their lives are completely devoted to the upliftment of the universe. They spare no effort to work towards that end. It is very difficult for the ordinary person to understand this aspect of a Mahatma because spiritual truths require subtlety of mind and suppleness of intellect to grasp the insights contained in them. Steadfast in truth, such a blessed one is completely above all duality.