No qualms with 'typical' roles

No qualms with 'typical' roles

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 Prachi Desai in ‘Life Partner’.

Till date, she has not tasted failure in her professional life. Be it the small or big screen. A tearjerker soap or a rocking dance-based reality show. A mature lady’s role or a giggling teenager’s character, Prachi Desai has always been the numero uno in whatever she has done. She is all set to repeat her tryst with success in her upcoming film Life Partner, opposite Tusshar Kapoor where she plays a role completely different from what she has been till now — a glamour doll.

 “I have been waiting to play a typical heroine’s role where I can romance my hero, sing and dance around trees,” says the pretty actress with that million dollar smile.

“Unfortunately, in all the roles I have played till now — be it Bani in Kasamh Se or Saakshi in Rock On — there was no such scope. The script did not allow me to do that. In Life Partner, there is a lot of the typical heroine stuff that I will be doing,” explains the content heroine.

 In fact, when Prachi was first approached for this role in the Abbas Mastan flick, she actually asked whether she will be able to dance with the hero! “I did ask the producers whether I am playing a married girl in this movie as well. In Kasamh Se and Rock On, I had to play a serious married lady and thus could not do what I wanted. Finally in Life Partner I have got my opportunity, despite playing a married lady’s role,” explains Prachi who has undergone a complete image makeover for the movie. The swanky tops and hep capris she sports in Life Partner are miles away from the sober saris she was seen in earlier. 

 Who decided on the new look? “Frankly speaking, no one. I did it myself. For more than a couple of years, people were used to seeing me as Bani. I had to get out of that image and look my age — a 20-year-old girl. So I just became myself and thought of the way I would like to look. And the new look is the result. I have no qualms in admitting that in our profession how you look is very important, so I did spend a lot of time on my new look,” explains the mature girl who has just crossed her teens.

This is the first time the pretty actress will be working in a comedy. Did she find it difficut after playing serious roles in Kasamh Se and Rock On? “It was definitely not easy. I always knew comedy is serious business and thus approached it very carefully. I concentrated on my timing because that I felt was crucial in a comic role. The director had asked me to keep Rekha of Khubsoorat in mind while performing and that is what I did,” explains Prachi.

Life Partner, directed by Rumi Jafrey, will see Prachi share screen space with Govinda, Fardeen Khan and Genelia Dsouza, besides Tusshar Kapoor. How was it working with so many big names? “It was a great learning experience for me watching Govinda-ji and Tusshar act in a comedy. Both of them are very good in this genre. Though I knew Tusshar as Ekta’s brother and have met him during parties at their house, I never got the opportunity to work with him. We had a nice time working together,” says Prachi.

There were rumours of certain differences between her and Genelia. Was she insecure about getting lost amidst a retinue of famous actors and playing a role parallel to Genelia? “Not at all. In fact, I feel, if you go ahead with that mindset, you will not be able to concentrate on your work and performance. I looked at this film as an opportunity to work with many big names in the industry. Genelia and I gelled well together and it is evident in our performances. Both of us are young at heart and young at mind. We kept giggling during the shooting schedules and continue to have a great rapport. Contrary to what you would like to report, we never had any cat fights,” explains Prachi, rubbishing all rumours.

What about her future plans? “I have some other movies lined up. Once Upon a Time in Mumbai being the one that I have worked on for some time now. It is a serious film where I play a very young character which is completely different from what I have done till now. It is a gangster film with a difference,” says Prachi refusing to divulge anything else citing confidentiality clauses. Any plans of going back to television? “Well, not right now. I have my hands full with films,” says the actress, who as a person, has changed little from her initial days in the industry. Thankfully, she is still the approachable, mild-mannered Prachi Desai who used to wait for shots in Kasamh Se.

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