Street dogs add to woes on Malur roads

Street dogs add to woes on Malur roads

Pedestrians and motorists are finding it difficult to travel on these stretches.

To make matters worse, underground drainage works are going on in the town, have complicated the monsoon woes of the residents. The repair work of the roads in the town are yet to be completed, thereby making it difficult for the pedestrians. Since most of the works were going on at a slow pace, they were only addidng to the problems.

The road leading to Om Shakti Temple, from Gandhi Circle, is completely damaged. Slush and mud have left the road disabled from public use. Several accidents are reported on this stretch and residents are cursing the TMC, over the condition of the roads.

Dog menace

The roads in Lakkur is ruled by street dogs, who hardly make way for human beings.
The number of victims of street dog-attacks is only on the rise. Several people have been admitted to the government hospital for treatment for dog-bite.

Krishnappa, a resident of Lakkur, was riding his bicycle down one of the streets when he was followed and attacked by more than 20 dogs. The efforts of the doctors at the district government hospital to treat Krishnappa proved insufficient and he had to be moved to a hospital in Bangalore.

One of the main reasons behind the attack by dogs is said to be the meat stalls. The owners of the stalls in Lakkur throw waste pieces of meat by the road, which attract the dogs and even lead them to attack human beings.

The Gram Panchayat, however, is doing nothing to solve the problem, complained Umesh, a resident of Lakkur.

Ramalingappa, vice-president of the Panchayat, however, said dog-catchers from Andhra  Pradesh are being employed on contract. “They are paid Rs 60 for each dog caught. The problem of street dogs will end in about a week,” he added.