Hazare to block his blog

Hazare to block his blog

“I have thought of changing my team many times as I heard about the allegations again and again. But you cannot say anything till I announce my decision,” he said.

“I used to feel that allegations which people made against Kiran Bedi and Prashant Bhushan were true. That was why I was thinking, should I make some changes in the Team... But now I have understood that crores of rupees have been spent to tarnish our image,” he said.

Mr. Hazare, who said he will block his blog soon after he reaches Ralegan Siddhi, suspected that there was a conspiracy against him and his team.

Asked whether the letter posted in the website was his, Mr. Hazare said, “If there is my signature in the letter, then only you consider it as a mine. If the signature is not there, then it’s not mine.”

The fall-out between Mr. Hazare and Raju Parulekar, his blogger, came as the Gandhian claimed that he never spoke to the journalist or met him on the issue of re-structuring of Core Committee and forming a new Pan-Indian organisation with immediate effect.

Mr. Parulekar posted his version as well as a scanned copy of Hazare’s post in Marathi along with its English translation in the Gandhian’s blog this morning, claiming that he had not uploaded an order dictated by Mr. Hazare after October 30 following a Core Committee meeting asking to hold the Core Team.