Jasmine prices dip from Rs 820 to Rs 290 in 3 days

Jasmine prices dip from Rs 820 to Rs 290 in 3 days

However, the happiness of the growers and sellers over its soaring prices is shortlived. The price of jasmine was Rs 820 (per ‘atte’) on Thursday, dipped to Rs 370 on Friday and touched Rs 290 on Saturday.

One “atte” comprises of four “chendus” and one “chendu” comprises of about 700 to 750 buds of jasmine flowers. Earlier, one chendu had about 800 flower buds. Wholesale marketer of the Jasmine flowers Denzil Castelino from Shankarpur informed Deccan Herald that the flowers are of high demand owing to less production. The yield has drastically come down due to change in climate, he opines.

The untimely rainfall has resulted in the crop loss. The jasmine saplings were also damaged due to unfavorable weather, he added.

Stating that Thursday’s rate was the highest rate that is fixed for an “atte” in recent times, he said that untill recently, an “atte” would cost a maximum of Rs 500 to Rs 600. However, the reduction in the yield has increased the price. The weather has turned out to be detrimental to the healthier growth of the saplings, he said and added that the shoots of the plant are blistered before the buds are bloomed.

Following the huge demand owing to many religious functions and marriages in the recent days, the Mallige growers are not able to meet the demand. The rate fluctuations are high on the game of sales and the cost of an “atte” varies from Rs 650 to Rs 800.

Denzil adds that the rate might be increased on Monday due to Deepostava. Interestingly, Shankarpur Mallige is also exported to Gulf countries and Mumbai. However, shortage in production has its impact on the export of jasmine flowers too.