Black currants are back in Shidlaghatta

Black currants are back in Shidlaghatta

Various forest fruits are seen during their respective season.

However, in recent times they are slowly dwindling and there are very few people who sell these fruits. These days forest fruits have been sold near schools.

It is beneficial to children’s health aas well as it earns a livelihood to those who sell them. The taste of black currants is very sweet and sharp. These fruits often serve as food to the cowherds.

Black currant is a shrub which generally grows to about two metres in height and has woody branches.

In Shidlaghatta, these fruits are found by the roadside and rocky hills. If the shrubs gives good fruit  in one year, then the next year the yield is less. The shrub is subject to pests.

“The boys bring these fruits for me in the village roads and I sell them near schools. I am aged but I do not want to stay at home. Selling black currants keeps me active”, says Venkatalakshmamma.