Metro helps kirana stores to sell more

Metro helps kirana stores to sell more

Recently, it organised a trader support partnership programme — ‘Metro Bandan Trader Support & Partnership Programme’, to help traders in store redesigning, identify growth opportunities, monitor stocks and offer customised solutions.

Metro Cash & Carry India Head (Corporate Relations) Vishal Sehgal said, with the advent of greater number of small traders and organised trade outlets, small kirana shops are facing crisis of survival.

“Not only are they being threatened by sheer volume and range of better-organised, up-market modern retail outlets, but also, have to handle increased expectations of traditional customers,” he said. Metro India has embarked on this initiative because traditional small trader or ‘kirana’ store constitutes sizeable and significant customer segment for it.

The company’s objective is to help them compete better with unorganised and organised traders, and grow their business and profits. Metro conducts trader workshops at regular intervals, where traders are invited and educated on emerging trends in the retail space and guided on improving their businesses.

S V Traders proprietor Arun Reddy says “I worked with Metro and made changes to the products I offered to my customers, brought in a completely new range of products, ran promotions on few articles, which helped me regain half of  my lost sales.” Revamping a Kirana store as per Metro’s design costs between Rs 50,000 to Rs 1 lakh. Metro has helped 100 kiranas revamp their stores accross the country.