Youth hacked to death by rival gang

Youth hacked to death by rival gang

The deceased is Kumar, a resident of Vighneshwaranagar, while his friends Manja and Seemeyenne Viji are being treated at a hospital. Police said Jagga alias Tommy and his associates may have executed the murder.

Kumar was driving his car towards his house, with his friends seated in the vehicle, when they were waylaid by a car near Tirumala Bar at Sumanahalli. Kumar stopped the car and the trio got down to see what had happened. Soon, a group of four men, all in their late 20s, surrounded Kumar, Viji and Manja.

The suspects attacked Viji and Manja when they tried to escape. They caught hold of Kumar, dragged him into their car and drove towards Basaveshwaranagar. They parked the vehicle near BEML Park, dragged Kumar outside and attacked him with lethal weapons, leaving him in a pool of blood. They dumped the body in the park and escaped.

Jagga and Kumar were friends a few years ago and were into real estate and finance business. They parted ways after differences cropped up between them.

They identified themselves with two rival gangs. Kumar became close to Rama Lakshmana, while Jagga joined Marenalli Ravi’s gang. They started planning to murder each other, said police sources.

A few weeks ago, Kumar allegedly abused a girl, who was close to Jagga. He warned her against her association with Jagga. The girl narrated the incident to Jagga who decided to murder Kumar. “There are also other angles to the murder,” said a senior officer.