Woman hangs self

Woman hangs self

Jaya Suman Vardhi, 26, a native of West Bengal, married Kavaldeep Singh, 28, employed at the bank’s Basavanagudi branch, six months ago. Singh is from Chandigarh.

According to police, the couple quarreled frequently over Singh’s alleged affair with a woman. Vardhi had objected to him talking with the woman over the cellphone for hours, but Singh had told her she was just a friend.

On Sunday night, Singh received a call from the woman and was speaking to her for a long time. Vardhi threw a tantrum and asked him to disconnect the call. An irked Singh left the house saying he would never return. Upset, Vardhi hanged herself from a ceiling fan, police said.

Minutes before committing suicide, Vardhi had sent an e-mail to her sister stating that she was taking the extreme step as she could no longer bear the torture of her husband. She even accused him of having an affair with the woman, police added.

Singh returned home around 11.30 pm and knocked on the door. He grew suspicious when there was no response. He managed to open the door and found Vardhi hanging from the ceiling.