Tata Hispano unveils its hybrid CNG-Electric bus

Tata Hispano unveils its hybrid CNG-Electric bus

Tata Hispano unveiled the CNG-Electric hybrid urban bus, with a new area body design, developed by Tata Motors. The new CNG-Electric hybrid technology represents an advanced version of the Diesel-Electric technology model, presented in November 2010, at Madrid exhibition, FIAA.

Hybrid version

The new hybrid version is a step forward in the company’s product strategy, to offer the best city mobility options, with optimal ecological efficiency.

Some of the benefits provided by this CNG-Diesel hybrid model include:

    * Proven electric traction system from Siemens, used in more than 2000 buses worldwide.

    * A full electrical model, possible for zero emission operation, for short distances.

    * Common hybrid drive for Diesel-Electric and CNG-Electric, which can be extended to Pure Electric, CNG micro turbine and hydrogen fuel cell buses.

    * Although the initial cost of hybrid vehicles is somewhat higher, the overall cost over the lifetime of the vehicle is lower, due to savings in running costs.

    * Fuel economy improvement and significantly lower emissions due to: Regenerative electronic braking through which energy normally dissipated, during braking, is captured in batteries and reused. Engine operated always at the best efficiency point.
Very low and transient engine operation. Electrically driven auxiliary systems. Automatic Electric mode.

    * Minimal penalty in payload, on account of the advanced high efficiency Lithium-Ion batteries.

    * Lower noise level, due to the downsized engine.

    * Versatile energy management strategies that can be tuned to specific customer requirements, depending on the operations.

With this launch, Tata Hispano heads the offer in hybrid technologies, by offering two clearly differentiated options for urban transport operators in Europe: Diesel-Electric Tata Motors chassis and CNG-Electric Tata Motors chassis, both developed in collaboration with Siemens. In November 2010, EMT Madrid confirmed an order for 10 Tata Hispano CNG-Electric hybrid units.