On the wings of imagination

On the wings of imagination

Colourful Expressions

They celebrated the day by painting the walls of the office of Innovation and Knowledge (INK) Conference, India, using it as a platform to share their dreams and glimpses of their world.

The kids were guided by young artist Shilo Shiv Suleman, who was a ‘Fellow’ at the conference last year and is decorating the stage this year. They painted boats, clouds, butterflies, a magic carpet, a hot air balloon, and other motifs to comply with this year’s theme of ‘the power of the journey’ in varied shades and hues, expressing their individual perceptions of ‘the journey.’

“You’ve to enjoy the journey and not be sad about leaving the previous place because there’s a new place to see,” says Gokul Rahul, a student of Parikrama School. “I want to be an artist when I grow up. I’m trying to make my own creative work and show the world how good I am,” adds the nine-year-old, adjusting his oversized spectacles.

The children seemed very happy at the idea of getting an entire wall with nothing specifically told to them to paint. This was quite evident as there was no white space left on the wall by the end of the session!

“I started off with some pencil sketches and then, they just took off on their own after that. It’s become quite free flowing now,” says Shilo, visibly happy to be there. Shilo has also been active with the people in ‘Bangalore Wallflower,’ a community project to beautify the walls of the City, and also does illustrations for children’s books using augmented technology.

The INK Conference this year will be held at Jaipur from December 8 to 11 and will see a variety of speakers from different professions. “If you take your eye off the destination and just focus on the journey, it will be more fun. The destination will emerge on its own,” says Lakshmi Pratury, the founder of INK Conference, India. “This is true for the conference and for the kids in today’s event. They are not professional artists and it’s their little imperfections that we’re celebrating,” she adds.