Drive into an art gallery

Drive into an art gallery

‘Art Insight’ which started in September 2009 is an idea conceived by Indian Oil Corporation as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility and aims for promoting art awareness in society. It is a permanent art gallery run by S S Creations on rental basis.

“Art can flourish only if it enjoys public acceptance and continuous message. While art exhibitions serve to promote awareness among the public, it is the art galleries that really create a sustainable market for art,” said S S Creations Director Karunakar M H, speaking to City Herald.

Many have an attitude that art is only for the elite and they don’t dare to step into an art gallery.

Having a gallery in a fuelling station will make it accessible to the commoners.
More than 1,000 people visit the fuelling station and the paintings on display will divert their mind into the world of art at least for a few minutes. There are many who also spend time in the art gallery, he says and adds that fuel outlets foster good crowd movement making it easy to reach the people at large.

Speaking on how it all began, Karunakar reveals that he was always keen to organise events to showcase local talent. Hence, an art expo was organised at Deepa Comforts. “The success of the expo made me think of setting up a permanent art gallery. IOC generously provided space in setting up the art gallery in its Kadri outlet and that’s when Art Insight began,” says Karunakar.

35 artists
The art gallery at present has more than 35 artists from Coastal Karnataka associated with it. They display their master pieces throughout the year. This gallery provides artists a platform to display art and an art lover knows that this gallery can be an art stop to explore artistic hues as well as purchase paintings to adorn their walls.

“The gallery is doing well even after two years. Many stop to gaze at the paintings and many inquire about purchasing them. This acts as an encouragement to artists and motivates people to take up art as a full time profession,” says artist Rajendra Kedige who is also in-charge of the gallery.

“I feel happy to see the paintings in the gallery. Though I may not be able to afford them, viewing art gives me peace of mind,” says Patrick, an auto rickshaw driver who often visits the fuelling station. The gallery is open to all between 10.30 am to 9 pm.