Relief to Delhi fire victims unlikely

Relief to Delhi fire victims unlikely

Since eunuchs are mostly rejected by their parental homes soon after birth, and have no married partners or children, the government is in a bit of a dilemma in identifying their “next of kin”.

As per government policy, compensation is given only to parents, spouse or children of the deceased, while the eunuch community believe in a ‘guru’ system and the compensation should be paid to the guru.

“In very rare cases and only after proper verification, the compensation is given to some other blood relative like uncle, aunt etc of the deceased,” said a Delhi government official requesting anonymity.

According to Delhi Chief Minister Shiela Dikshit, sincere efforts will be made to locate the next of kith and kin of the deceased eunuchs and compensation will be given to any claimant only after proper verification.

When pointed out the usually single status of most eunuchs, the Chief Minister said in that case no compensation would be paid.

“I know they do not have spouses or children. In that case no one shall be paid. But don’t forget, we are also paying Rs 50,000 to the injured and an immediate relief of Rs 5000 since it is winter,” said Dikshit.

Contrary to government view, a eunuch community member said under their ‘guru pratha’ (guru tradition), the guru is like a father figure and takes care of all the junior members and he should be paid the compensation.