Their mantra is to unwind after classes

Their mantra is to unwind after classes

Lighten up

It comes as no surprise then that students snatch every free moment they have to sit back, relax and have some fun. Whether they take up hobbies that they enjoy pursuing, play sports or simply hang out with friends, every student has his or her quick-fix formula to simply unwind after a tough day. Metrolife caught up with a few to find out how they like to de-stress best.

Given that a lot of students are heavily into music, playing an instrument is often a popular choice for those who are looking to relax.

Varun Soman, an engineering student, says that whenever he has some alone-time at home, he picks up his guitar and strums away his stress. “I like to listen to music and play the guitar. When I’m sitting at home, I come up with my own riffs and practice stuff  I’ve learnt earlier. I don’t get much time for my music, so I pick up the guitar whenever I can so I won’t lose touch with playing,” he explains.

He also labels the time spent with his friends as an instant stress-buster. “I hang out with my friends most of the time, even if it’s just to grab a coffee or listen to some music. I’m comfortable with them, so it’s relaxing,” he says.

Other students turn to a rather tastier pastime – snacking. Pronita, a student of Christ University and a self-proclaimed foodie, says that this is her favourite way to beat the stress. “I’m an emotional eater — especially of junk food. After class, my friends and I get ourselves packets of chips, samosas and puffs from our college canteen. We also like to go out and eat finger foods,” she says.

And she doesn’t believe she’s alone in this habit. “The turnover of junk food at our canteen is much more than full meals. At the end of the day, we can see chips
packets everywhere,” she describes.

Some students like to blow off steam by exercising — not only is this fun, but it achieves the double purpose of keeping them fit as well. Gaya, a medical student, says that he normally unwinds after classes by playing cricket with his college mates.

“We play it throughout the year, except during the examinations. Most of us have been playing since we were children. Not only is it fun, but we play seriously too,” he says, adding that they recently won an inter-collegiate cricket tournament.

But that isn’t all. Gaya and his friends sometimes play chess as well. “If there aren’t many of us, we divide into teams and play a game of chess. There’s a chess board in college and it’s a great way to relax,” he concludes.