Palike chooses not to ask Fire dept about fire

Palike chooses not to ask Fire dept about fire

One would think they’d naturally be the first persons to be questioned by the team trying to ascertain the cause for the fire. But the Palike does not seem to think so.

Sources in the department state that neither the Palike nor the Bangalore Metropolitan Task Force (BMTF), which bore the brunt of the fire, have approached them while determining the cause of the fire.

“We were the first on the spot as we were called to douse the fire. But it appears that they do not want our help in finding the root cause of the fire,” said the source in the department.

The department personnel say while they are unaware about what lay in the room, they are perhaps the only few people who can understand the technicalities in finding out the reason for the fire.

“What can the forensic experts provide in terms of input for determining the cause of the fire? Most of the documents that were in the record room were burnt to ashes. Handing the evidence does not appear to be logical,” said the official.

Independent probe

Meanwhile, Palike officials claim that the Fire department will conduct an independent inquiry and it does not require to be consulted in this case.

While Palike committees and the BMTF are probing into the fire that raged in the BBMP head office, the Fire Department on its own has now decided to submit an independent report on the cause and reasons for the fire.

“We are closer to the cause of the fire that raged in the BMTF office. There are a lot of theories that are being thrashed out between the officers who were on the spot and witnessed the fire before dousing it. We should be able to ascertain the cause for the fire soon,” said the official.

While the department was asked to be a part of the technical team put together by the government after the fire at Carlton Towers, it seems the Palike may have tried to snub the firefighters for reasons known only to them.