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Last Updated 24 November 2011, 14:26 IST

The movie, based on the fourth installment of Stephenie Meyer’s books, has created a cult following among many youngsters. The concept of a vampire falling in love with a human may seem bizarre for a few but it has managed to cash in on the pulse of the audience.

Directed by Academy Award-winner Bill Condon, this has Robert Pattinson playing the vampire Edward Cullen; Kristen Stewart is his lady-love Bella Swan; and Taylor Lautner is Jacob Black, the werewolf.

Metrolife spoke to ‘Twihards’, the ardent fans of the series, who have already made their plans to watch the movie on the first day. Shamia, an engineering student, says that she was a bit disappointed to hear that the film is releasing in India a week later. “Most of my friends and cousins abroad have already watched the film and I had to wait for an entire week for it to be screened here. Nevertheless, I am thrilled that the day has finally come and I am trying my best to make it for the first day, first show,” she adds.

One can surely feel the excitement in their voices. Especially since the film will open with the wedding of the lead characters Edward and Bella. The union of the vampire and the human is being pegged as one of the biggest highlights of the film.

“Having read the book, we know that the wedding will take place and even the Original Song Track (OST) of the film shows the wedding. But there is still a sense of excitement to actually see it in the film because after much anticipation, they will finally get married,” says Naaila Khan, a student.

The book is something that most fans have already read but they say the movie has its own charm. Keerthana, a student, describes the book as a well-written novel.

“Unfortunately, in the first film, they had cut out most of the things that were in the novel. But I still want to watch it because of the curiosity the film has created and I want to see if they have stuck to the book this time as well,” she adds.

More than the vampires and the werewolves, it’s the love angle which is added to the story line that leaves one wanting for more. Keerthana adds that though the film has characters like vampires and werewolves, it is unlike the usual one. “It’s not that gruesome or violent, maybe that’s what makes this film different,” she adds.

Theatres have been getting enquiries about tickets for weeks now.

Seeing the demand for the show, some multiplexes have finally opened sales two days in advance. Says a spokesperson of PVR Cinemas, “This movie released internationally on November 18 and it has already broken many box office records abroad. We are confident that ‘The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn — Part I’ will do well. Tickets are selling out really fast and the previous movies in the series got a great response as well.”

With the film already breaking box-office records all over, one has to only wait and watch what kind of opening it will get in India.

(Published 24 November 2011, 14:26 IST)

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