Jail fails to confine Raja's spirit

Jail fails to confine Raja's spirit

Dreaming big

But to think that former telecom minister A Raja is a bitter man cursing the whole world would be a folly. On the contrary, the man is not only in high spirits, he is planning to write a book and is hopeful of acquittal.

The DMK leader can also infuse life into any depressed soul sitting glum around him.

“Having been born in this world, I know one day I will die.

The in-between called life is only a journey. I will come out clean, I know it because I have done no wrong and world will know it. God has been kind to me,” Raja told Deccan Herald which was curious to know what keeps him smiling in adverse circumstances.

Rather than Raja, it is DMK MP Kanimozhi who chips in. Standing close by him, she reveals a secret. “He takes Happy Pills every morning,” she jokes.

Raja acknowledges, “yes, yes”. When enquired as to why he has not applied for a bail so far despite so many months in the prison, Raja returns the favour. “Unless my leader gets bail, I am not applying,” quipped Raja pointing towards Kanimozhi, daughter of DMK patriarch M Karunanidhi.

Raja listens when told that after the Supreme Court granting bail to five accused on Wednesday, there are very bright chances that Kanimozhi might get a bail very soon.

That there was a speculation that the Cabinet expansion is stalled because of her pending bail application.

Raja said they should “give her the telecom ministry”, and it was Kanimozhi’s turn to say, “yes, yes, sure”. When enquired if he himself would like to take this ministry again if ever the opportunity arose, he quipped: “Yes, why not”.

Raja also revealed that he is planning to write a book on the whole scam after the case is over.

“I am planning a book on the whole episode (of 2G). And once this book comes out, it will make many people uncomfortable,” says Raja in a tone and language that makes it difficult to understand if he is joking or serious.

When pestered if he has thought of a title for the book, the tainted former minister said: “I have all the time in the jail to think about it. Will let you know.”