Man molests girl, son ordered to marry

Man molests girl, son ordered to marry

A caste panchayat in UP's Bijnore district, about 400 km from here, “punished” a 45-year-old man who was accused of molesting a 16-year-old girl in the strangest fashion.

It ordered the accused to get his son married to the teen.According to reports, the accused, a resident of Ganj Daranagar in the district, had been caught molesting the teen on Saturday night.

He was thrashed and later asked to appear before a caste panchayat, which was convened on Sunday.

During the panchayat, the man admitted to molesting the girl and sought a pardon from the panchayat members.

The members however, after deliberating the matter for over four hours, decided to “punish” him.

They ordered him to agree to get his young son married to the victim as a “punishment” for his deed.

They did not bother to ask the girl nor could understand that the girl, after marriage, would have to live in the same house as the accused and would always be vulnerable to the his advances.

The accused for whom the decision came as a reprieve, agreed to comply.
The local police officials said they had heard about such a decision but made it clear that nothing could be done as  no one had approached the police so far.

“Action will be taken against the guilty if the victim or her family lodge report with us,” said the officials.

Panchayats have delivered strange verdicts in the past, especially in cases involving offences against womenfolk.

They have pronounced death sentences for lovers and ordered social boycotts of offending families.

They have also let off rape accuseds before after imposing a nominal fine.