Humour at its best

Humour at its best

Comedy Night

Considering Rob’s rib-tickling performances in movies like ‘Deuce Bigalow Male Gigolo’, expectations were running pretty high amongst the audience. And Rob didn’t disappoint.

The opening act for the evening was delivered by Sorabh Pant, a Mumbai-based comedian. He set the pace for the evening and had the audience laughing for a good twenty minutes. His jokes were varied, but he managed to seamlessly weave them into a single train of thought, which made them all the funnier.

Whether he was poking fun at Indian and American accents, or casting jibes at everyone’s favourite target, George Bush, he had the audience in splits. And he didn’t stop there; he went on to make fun of the Mumbai ceiling, claiming that the Chinese were laughing over the fact that it had been in the pipeline for the last four decades, and couldn’t resist cracking a few jokes about the Sino-Indian, Arunachal Pradesh-related tension as well.

The minute Rob stepped onto the stage, the audience went wild. He didn’t fail to keep excitement levels at a maximum right from the beginning of his performance. In fact, he stepped onto stage gyrating to the popular number Choli Ke Peeche Kya Hai, and proceeded to burst into song every now and then throughout the entire performance.

Like many people who are new to the country, one of the first things that Rob noticed about India was its traffic, and he made this the butt of several jokes. Although several people had told him that Bangalore had the worst traffic in India, he claimed that he could make out no difference between the traffic here and in other Indian cities. “In India, lanes are just a suggestion,” he said, adding, “what people here need, are good breaks, a good horn and good luck.”

He made fun of George Bush as well — especially his pronunciation, claiming that the former president was in the habit of dropping syllables whenever the mood struck him. He went on to add, “And I miss the way he used to bail out of press conferences when he forgot why he was there. He’d say something like: yeah, I have to go meet the president of South America — there is no president of South America!”

Following a Russell Peters-esque format of comedy, he also brought a little racial humour into his jokes. Labelling the Germans as aggressive — “They attack restaurants for dinner!”— and the Irish as people who swear unnecessary, he went on to claim that Scots always talked as though they were asking a question. He didn’t pull any punches when it came to his own country either, whether it involved mocking their airport security, the fact that they owe China about a trillion dollars — “Americans have started adopting Chinese babies!”— or claiming that with obesity taking over the entire country, a hundred years from now people would remember the Americans as having “eaten themselves to death”.