Government talking to opposition on FDI: Khurshid

Government talking to opposition on FDI: Khurshid

"Of course, there is (a dialogue). When you have conversations, when you have dialogue, there are options (being discussed)," Khurshid replied when asked if the government was talking to the opposition on resolving the parliament impasse.

He was talking to reporters outside Parliament House amid a standoff between the government and the opposition over the cabinet decision allowing 51 percent FDI in multi-brand retail and 100 percent in single brand retail.

The standoff has led to frequent disruptions of both houses of parliament, which could not run at all for the first six days of the 21-day winter session that began last Tuesday.
On the seventh day of the session Wednesday, the two houses were again adjourned in the morning.

Khurshid dismissed the criticism that the decision shouldn't have been taken when parliament was in session.

"Why should we not do it upfront? Why should we try to do it in the clandestine, back route channel. It is a good thing (to do it during parliament session)," the minister said.

He said if the opposition has objections to the policy, they should discuss it.

"But that is possible if parliament is allowed to function," Khurshid said, adding the government wanted parliament to run and discuss the issue.