Breathing life into limp locks

Breathing life into limp locks

Naturally Beautiful

Dr Blossom Kochhar.

If all the suggestions by your hair designers do not work for your fine, coarse, thick, thin, frizzy or dry hair then here are some points to keep in mind when caring for it or having it styled.

*Dry hair: Oiling is good for dry hair. Feed your hair with hot oil treatment once a week. A wonderful way to deep condition your dry hair, especially after colour or a re-texturising treatment, is to mix hot oil and your conditioner and a teaspoon of glycerine. Apply to the hair, leave it on for 20-30 minutes and then shampoo out. Few drops of ylang ylang applied to dry hair which is very flyaway and hard to manage will keep it in place and won’t make you look like a grease ball.

*Oily hair: This hair is crying out for a shampoo; wash more often; using a diluted shampoo (1 tablespoon water + 1/2 teaspoon shampoo) and make an extra effort to wash your combs and brushes. If they are not clean, you are just distributing more grease to compound the problem.

*Fine hair: You cannot turn into a luxuriant head of hair. Instead your fine hair should be worn in a blunt cut with a definite line and it should be worn longer. You can try a shampoo that gives volume to your hair.

*Coarse hair: Do not force this type of hair into trendy styles. Coarse hair goes where it wants to go, and your best hope for keeping it goodlooking is to follow the path your hair wants to take. Shampoo your hair with a cream shampoo and faithfully use conditioners. Leave-in conditioners are good for these kind of hair.

*Frizzy hair: This is weak and dry hair. Use moisturisers and anti-frizz products regularly. Let your hair grow because longer hair is less frizzy. Despite the fact that it is already wavy, a body perm may help give it more bulk and control.

The important point is to be aware of stress and strain on your hair, as well as your total physical being. It is not enough to be concerned about your hair; you must keep everything in balance. Some people go to hair specialists or dermatologists or trichologists for treatments, massages, serums, injections and even transplant. With all that, if you overuse a blow-dryer afterward, you rob yourself of anything good the specialists have suggested or tried. It is true that some people have very healthy head of hair and can use a blow-dryer twenty-six hours a day — but that is probably not the case with most.

If you are not prepared to take care of your hair daily, to follow the rules, all the specialists and special product in the world will not help you grow and maintain healthy hair.

Monsoon hair care

Olive oil infused with few drops of Rosemary oil alleviates an itchy scalp in monsoon. This pre-shampoo conditioner is a must for that dull, brittle hair in winters.  Take a teaspoon of honey, an egg, a tablespoon of soy protein powder, a teaspoon of brewer’s yeast, half cup milk, half-peeled orange and half a small banana. Mix all these in a blender. Wet hair and apply this conditioner for 15 minutes.  Rinse and shampoo as usual.

*A special massage oil/toner: In equal quantities of caster oil and coconut oil, add a teaspoon of lavender essential oil. Heat a little and massage gently into the scalp at night. Rinse or shampoo in the morning.  Follow this routine at least twice a week.

*To make the hair shine: A few drops of ylang ylang spread on the palm of your hand and applied to freshly washed dry hair gives it an instant shine and keeps split ends away.

*Dirt from heavy, polluted air clings to hair. Our pollution solution: I quart water, 6 oz rose water, 4 oz vinegar. Apply, rinse out, after shampoo twice a month. Use less of everything on your hair.

*To give bounce and volume for limp hair, boil a handful of neem leaves in 600 ml water + 1 teaspoon of gelatin in your shampoo and rinse hair with this liquid.

Itchy scalp

With humidity and heat on the rise, the problem of itchy scalp increases. A good home remedy to combat itchy scalp: Add ½ juice of orange and mix with little herbal shampoo. Beat the mixture well and massage into the scalp and hair, leave for 10 minutes and rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.

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