Jilted lover awarded Rs five million compensation

Jilted lover awarded Rs five million compensation

In a love story that turned sour, a heart-broken lover who filed action against his girl friend for making false promises of marriage won the law suit yesterday and was awarded rupees five million in damages.
"Colombo District Judge Wikum Kaluarachchi awarded the damages to Ajith Nandana Prasanna who in his plaint informed court that he started an affair with Shiromalee Malkanthi in March 1999 while they were employed at a garment factory in Oman", 'The Daily Mirror' reported today.

They had exchanged letters and met frequently and the parents who were informed had consented to the marriage, it said.
Later, the two had made arrangements to get married and Prasanna had bought jewellery worth rupees 50,000 to give as a gift to his girl friend.

However, in 2002 the girl had begun to avoid him and had asked him to stop the affair as she had no intention of getting married to him, the newspaper said.

Several requests by the boy and attempts by relatives of the two families to reunite the two had failed.

Prasanna produced in court as proof some of the letters written by the girl giving her consent to marry him and said he suffered severe emotional pain and embarrassment due to his girlfriend jilting him and estimated the damage caused to him at rupees five million.

Besides, Prasanna also requested the court to direct the girl to give him back the jewellery given to her, the newspaper reported.

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