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CANVAS ‘Christ Pastel’ on paper by Sudip Roy.From Leonardo Da Vinci to Satyajit Ray’s, the upcoming art show in the City by Delhi-based artist Sudip Roy promises perfection and diversity in the art arena.

Titled ‘Time Past Is Present,’ the exhibition, to be held from January 6 to 20, 2012 in Lado Sarai, will extensively cover over 100 great artworks by the artist, who himself is a gold medalist from the Government Arts College, Kolkata. The collection mainly include the sensuous figurative series of Charulata, appreciation of Leonardo Da Vinci, soft watercolours and pencil drawings, metaphorical abstracts, and other works depicting memories of old Bengal school masters.

Reflecting on the impressive artworks, Anu Bajaj, director of Art Positive, a unit of Bajaj Capital Art House that is organising this exhibition, says, “Sudip’s creations travel between past and present time. It brings back the flashback and echoes the present in the hour glass of time. In myriad ways, this show rides through mediums, moods and materials.”

While the washes and watercolours would depict the past and present in an amalgam of intensity, colour, stroke and expression, the abstract studies aim to inform every detail in a classical work of art, making them spontaneously self-evident. “For me abstraction is a struggle that has been surging over the past six to seven years. There has been an inner growth of wanting to break free and detach from all outward and recognisable designs and leitmotifs,” explains Sudip.

Then there would be the enigmatic character Charulata. While the cinematic character moves within the interior corridor of the house, Sudip’s Charulata is pinned to the reality of the darpan (mirror) that becomes her sole companion. Talking about Charulata, the artist says, “She observes the activities of the outside world through the window blinds using opera glasses. She is like a caged bird in her mansion. We sense her curiosity and desire to know the outside world.”

Reflecting on the experience of being a part of Sudip’s art shows, Lopa Mudra, the Gallery manager at Bajaj Capital Art House, informs, “Our association with Sudip has been a long and successful one as his works are exclusive and interesting. This time we are even planning to display his diary pages to portray a building infant artist in him.”

Labelling the show as one to savour long after, Anu adds, “If Sudip’s oils heighten the intensity of his paintings, his watercolours stretch the perspective, creating faces into the foreground and pushing other figures far behind.

Having travelled to Europe to study Leonardo da Vinci and his art works, Christ’s crucifixion and ascension both became a subject of contemplation for him. The Last Supper by Leonardo also forms part of Sudip’s inspiration. Other than these, a few drawings done in the linear pencil and shade perspective stand out for their brilliance of execution and elegance.

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