Sudanese boy overwhelmed by Indian hospitality

Sudanese boy overwhelmed by Indian hospitality

Omar Mohammed Taheer is all set to acquire skills of learning refined English during his stay in India in the course of his studies of two year Masters in Medical Laboratory.

Omar is from Sudan and he is studying in Manipal University. He felt it is essential to go out from his home country to improve his English vocabulary.

Omar tells “Sudan is a wonderful country with rich Islamic culture. However, there is no scope for learning English as Arabic is the universal language in Sudan.”  He says

“As I had finished my Bachelors in Science at Port Sudan College, I wanted to take up higher studies in some other country where I will get enough opportunities to learn good English.

I have been here since three months and I find it difficult to understand proper English. I am confident that I will be well versed with English language before I go back to Sudan,” he adds.

Overwhelmed with the hospitalities offered by the people here in India, Omar feels people are really nice, I have many friends and they make you feel at home. They help me a lot whenever I have difficulties, he says and adds that when he had come to India for the first time, he was confused and he is indeed thankful for the support from his friends to get adapted into this new atmosphere.

He says, “I liked India because it has culture somewhat similar to that of Sudan. We people are less culturally advanced when compared to western countries. India shares some similarities with Sudan. The way girls and boys are treated here is same in Sudan,” he added. Omar likes the mode of learning here as he feels it is more practically oriented teaching.

“In Sudan, theoretical aspects are given more importance when compared to practical. We study theories more and less of practical. Quality of education is very much high here and I would specially tell my friends to take up studying in India only for the sake of good education. We get to learn more in the colleges here,” he added.

Complaining about the spicy dishes served in Indian restaurants, he says “I don’t like the food here. It is too spicy. I find it very difficult to eat here. However, I have to eat as I have no other option.

In Sudan, we mostly eat bread. But here we have to depend on rice as staple food. Now I don’t find any difference,” he tells.

Meanwhile, Omar likes the way of dressing in India. “It is nice with lots of colours. The dresses in Sudan are more traditional and even here we share some similarities.

The loose salwar outfits are commonly used in Sudan as traditional wear”. “I am happy that I got an opportunity to come to India and stay here for two years,” he signs off.

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