Plan to ease water woes

Plan to ease water woes

District administration awaiting Centre, States monetary approval

Though the central team which arrived in the district to study the drought situation has already left, with hopes that there will be some relief, however, there does not seem to be any solution to the drinking water which has been haunting the district, for the last several years.

In an effort to solve the persisting problem, the district administration has come out with a separate action plan, to be implemented for a period of 8 months, that is, till March next year.

The separate action plan includes certain important aspects like mini water supply, revival of the pipeline water supply, supply of water through tankers to all the villages twice in a day, drilling of new borewells, are some of them.

However, this action plan will be implemented depending upon the amount of relief that will be sanctioned.

In rural areas

According to an estimate made by the district administration, in the future, there was possibilities of around 300 residential areas which would be reeling under severe drinking water problems.

Around 66 areas in Kilar taluk, 72 in Malur, 45 in Bangarpet, 54 in Mulbagal, 63 in Srinivaspur would be facing acute drinking water shortage.

Pipeline revival

Also, a project has been prepared to revive total 119 water supplying pipelines (PWS).
 Also estimates for the same has been prepared. An amount of Rs 45 lakh is required for the revival of 27 PWS in Kolar taluk, Rs 38 lakh for 30 PWS in Malur, Rs 42 lakh for the revival of 19 PWS in Bangarpet taluk, Rs 26 lakh for 21 PWS in Mulbagal, Rs 39 lakh for 22 PWS in Srinivaspur, has been estimated.

Similarly, all the mini drinking water supply system (MWS) in various taluks would be revived, as per the plan prepared by the district administration.

An amount of Rs 1.05 crore has been estimated for the revival o f 66 MWS in Kolar taluk, Rs 88 lakh for 71 MWS in Malur, Rs 98 lakh for 45 MWS in Bangarpet, Rs 60 lakh for 52 MWS in Mulbagal, Rs 1.15 crore for 62 MWS in Srinivaspur, has been estimated.

New borewells

Apart from these, the district administration has also decided to drill 776 new borewells in the district. The highest number of borewells will be in Kolar taluk, that is 186, 150 in Malur, 170 in Bangarpet, 140 in Mulbagal and 130 in Srinivaspur taluk.

Also, it has been estimated as Rs 2.13 crore, Rs 1.80 crore, Rs 1.87 crore, Rs 1.40 crore and Rs 1.30 crore, respectively, totalling to Rs 8.5 crore, towards expenses in drilling the new borewells.

Water transportation

Also, water will be supplied through tankers to 110 villages in the district. A total of 25 areas in Kolar taluk, 20 in Malur, 35 in Bangarpet, 15 in Mulbagal and 15 in Srinivaspur taluk. For this, Rs 1.32 crore has been estimated.

In the urban areas, only 599 borewells were functioning out of total 770 in the entire district. About 80 wards out of 166 wards will be facing drinking water problem.
Borewells will be dung in 45 wards in Kolar, 35 in Kolar Gold Fields, 20 in Bangarpet, 25 in Srinivaspur and 20 in Malur. Similarly, water will be supplied through 64 tankers to the above mentioned wards.

Each trip would cost Rs 250. Water will be supplied through the tankers through 180 trips to Kolar, 90 trips to Kolar Gold Fields, 60 trips to Bangarpet and Mulbagal, respectively and 12 trips to Malur, everyday. Thus, a total amount of Rs 8.74 crore has been estimated to supply water in the urban areas.

The district adminsitration is now waiting for grants for the implementation of this action plan.

As soon as the amount is sation by the State as well as the Central government, the plan will come into action as early as possible, the officials inform.

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