Don't take part in protest: DU

Don't take part in protest: DU

While the teachers’ association of Delhi University have decided to sit on a protest on Thursday, the varsity’s registrar said on Wednesday the confrontation adopted by DUTA whipped up on false propaganda is counter-productive, stating several proactive measures designed to bring benefit for the teaching community.

Answering several DUTA demands, the registrar said: “In the matter of teaching positions in the colleges, the report of the University committee is ready and it will start recruiting shortly.

Pension payments

In the matter of pensions payments, the university is trying to bring benefit to the retired and retiring teachers by several means and ways and by engaging the best legal minds in the country.

The proactive involvement and participation of the university in the deliberations in the University Grants Commissions (UGC) designed to reform and review the point based promotion and new recruitment system”.

The registrar further added that several significant measure had been taken to benefit the teaching community.

Like full support for international travel for conferences for all college teachers, new grievance cell for teachers, proactive child care leave policy and awarding research grants to teachers under the innovation scheme.

“The university appeals to the teaching community not to be misled by false and malicious propaganda emanating from small and vocal section of the community and it should not participate in the protest,” R K Sinha, registrar of the varsity said.

However, the DUTA members are going ahead with the protest as they demand to talk to the Vice Chancellor.

“We will not be satisfied by such notifications. The authorities should have a face-to-face dialogue,” said a member.