Special cell for deserted wives

Special cell for deserted wives

End to agony

Apart from functioning as a co-ordinating agency to receive and process complaints relating to deserted wives, the NRI cell would render all possible assistance to the complainants, including conciliation, mediation between parties and counselling, NCW chairperson Girija Vyas said while launching the cell.

It will also co-ordinate with NGOs and community organisations in India and abroad and the state women commissions for a wider coverage so as to facilitate easy reach and provide support services.

Vyas said out of 10 NRI marriages, two resulted in the wife being abandoned after the honeymoon.

“Through the cell, we would also speak to all Indian missions abroad so that they maintain a register of the Indian married couples in their countries and check on them from time to time. We are also trying to rope in local associations and NGOs to help women who run into trouble in those countries,” Girija Vyas said.

The complaints would be properly registered and expeditiously acknowledged. The complainant would be given a receipt bearing the complaint number, which would be in consonance with the file number for ready reference.

Based on the recommendations of the parliamentary committee on empowerment of women, the Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs has nominated NCW as the co-ordinating agency at the national level for dealing with issues pertaining to NRI marriages.

The special NRI cell would also encourage and support research and studies on issues of grievances related to dual citizenship, enactment of legislation or signing of international treaties and marriage laws of other countries.

Besides, a panel of experts will assist the aggrieved wives by rendering legal services and other assistance such as mediation and conciliation.

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