CID need not make one cynical, says R K Dutta

CID need not make one cynical, says R K Dutta

“If you want to give a decent burial to any case, hand it over to the CID.”

People should not have the notion that the CID is a place where cases get a burial. Our probe into the irregularities in civic works done by the BBMP is heading in the right direction, and in a few days, you will see the results. Based on our preliminary investigation, I can say that the enormity of the scam is very big.

This notion among the people stems from the fact that this department had notoriously prolonged many probes making the people lose interest in pursuing the cases. Now that the government has handed over the fake bill scam to the CID, people who are shocked by the enormity of the financial irregularities are sceptical whether the case will ever reach its logical conclusion.

However, the only ray of hope in the gloomy scenario is the person heading the CID. The recent reshuffle in the police department brought R K Dutta to the probe agency as the Director General of Police (DGP). He was one of the key officers who probed the mega illegal mining scam, which proved helpful for the premier investigating agency of the country, CBI, to nail the powerful former minister Janardhan Reddy.

Speaking to Deccan Herald, R K Dutta said people should not have the notion that CID is there to kill a case.

“Our probe is going on in the proper direction and soon you will see the results. Time is not ripe to reveal anything about the investigation, but one thing is for sure. We will not spare the guilty. At the same time, I would say that our probe will be conducted based on evidences and not suspicion,” said Dutta.

A comforting assurance does not mean one can heave a sigh a relief. The CID had demanded 10,900-odd Bill Registers from the BBMP, but it has got only 408 files so far.

“Yes, we need more files to probe the matter. Our correspondences with the BBMP are on, so that they hand over all the files. But they have not given the files. We are waiting for more files to come,” said the CID chief. He, however, warned people not to use the non-availability of files as a means to halt the probe as “the police have various methods to get the files.”

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