Ex-AI staffer arrested after over dozen marriages

Ex-AI staffer arrested after over dozen marriages

This modern Lakhoba was identified as Tushar Waghmare, who was working as an engineer with Air India. He was a married person but his first wife divorced him in 2006, after his parents died of AIDS. But this 40-year-old got an idea from his own failed marriage, perhaps how easy it could be to cheat a woman once you marry her, due to her gullibility, lack of knowledge of marital laws and societal pressures.

He posted his profile on a marriage portal with the name Tushar Bapat and claimed to be a divorced Brahmin looking for a bride from his community.

Deputy Commissioner of Police R M Vatkar told reporters that the profile would state that he wanted a “good looking, working Brahmin woman” and that he was working with Air India as an engineer.

 “Unfortunately, the families of the would be brides never bothered to check his background as they were impressed by his job profile,” DCP Vatkar said.

Waghmare would invite parents of the prospective brides to rented apartments at Lokhandwala and Jogeshwari before the marriage and also show them a fake divorce document.

It was only after his marriage to an architect, who discovered that she had been cheated and complained to the police, that the cover was blown. He was arrested on August 18.
After his initial arrest, Waghmare was sacked by Air India, the DCP said.

The police are investigating if he has cheated more women. Already five more complaints of cheating have been registered against him, but the police say that nine other women, whom also he married, are not coming forward for the sake of their reputation.

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