A fight to the finish

A fight to the finish

Duelling duo

Two influential politicians married to each other, and later divorced, have carried their bitter personal rivalry into the electoral arena.

For the third time, Ravindra Pratap alias Pappu Chaudhary and Sadhna Chaudhary will be facing each other in Shohratgarh assembly constituency in the district. According to the locals the fight between them is likely to be again more personal that political.

When Ravindra Pratap and Sadhna tied the knot, both of them were in the BJP and both had political ambitions. Their individual ambitions clashed and were, to a great extent, responsible for their divorce a few years later. Both the politicians decided to pursue their political dreams separately. Both hope to get elected from Shohratgarh have fought bitterly against each other in two elections.

In both elections, Sadhna could not defeat her former husband. She challenged her ex-husband for the first time in 2002 assembly polls. She was fielded by the BJP and Ravindra Pratap contested on a Samajwadi Party ticket.

Although the people of the constituency rejected both of them, Ravindra Pratap finished second while his former wife occupied the third spot. In the previous assembly polls too both came face to face. This time Ravindra was a Congress nominee, while Sadhna was still with the saffron party. The ex-hubby had the last laugh, winning the seat. Sadhna finished fourth.

The defeat only strengthened Sadhna's resolve and she is again in fray against her former husband, this time around too. Ravindra Pratap has been re-nominated by the Congress. The locals are waiting with bated breath to see who wins.