Sharks strikes stalk Australia

Sharks strikes stalk Australia

Fears of shark attacks like depicted in the movie 'Jaws' returned to Australia today with a 10-foot killer mauling a 26-year-old man, the third such incident in as many weeks.

Australia normally witnesses the same number of shark strikes in a year.The victim, who works as a tour operator, was snorkelling when the shark bit him on the right forearm at The Lagoon, north of Coral Bay, The Sydney Morning Herald reported.

He suffered tendon damage, but his injury was not considered life-threatening, Sergeant Graham Clifford was quoted as saying.

"We haven't had an attack here in 10 or 15 years and it just happened out of the blue. Everyone is very shocked," he said.

Tiger sharks are among the most aggressive towards humans
in the specie and have been responsible for fatalities in Australia before, the newspaper said.

A surfer was seriously injured yesterday after being attacked by a shark north of Sydney and another surfer was bitten on January 4.