Fetish for fish

Fetish for fish

Great Catch

Mouth Watering: The fish thali.

Fish Canteen, run by the Karnataka Fisheries Development Corporation (KFDC), is one of the best sea food eateries in Bangalore. Tucked in a corner of the Cubbon Park, the canteen is known for its ‘fish meals’ and ‘fish fry’. The speciality of the food cooked here is that it is prepared in South Indian style. One can have fish meals with ragi balls and fish curry too.

The Fish Canteen is also famous for its rates since the prices are very down to earth and one can easily have a sufficient meal for really low prices. A fish thali is just Rs 30 here and a fish fry is only Rs 40. One has to bear the long queue at the ticket counter to buy coupons, but it’s worth the wait.

As one stands in the queue, the aroma of spicy fish and the sound of sizzling oil when the masala-coated fish is dropped into the oil, tingles one’s taste buds. The place is heavily crowded. One has to run from the ticket counter to the kitchen to get the food and then run towards the fast-filling chairs to get a comfortable seat to enjoy the meal.

The fish thali consists of rice, a big ragi ball, rasam, butter milk, thick slices of cucumber, and a cup overflowing with fish curry with the fish’s tail jutting out of the bowl. The rava fish cutlet and fish biryani are two other items, which are worth  trying. Prawns, fish kebab, plumpy pomfret and kani fish fries are the other yummy items loved by many who visit this place.

Fish Canteen is famous among the employees of the department of administrative reforms, Karnataka Electricity Board, Vikas Soudha, Vidhana Soudha and also the lawyers of the High Court. Students too come here. Some come in just to have a fish fry, such is the food at this place.

It has the ability to get you back to this place every time you feel like having fish without having a big hole in the pocket. There is no need to worry about the quality of fish as only fresh fish is used. The ambience is good as one can sit amidst the old huge trees in the Cubbon Park and enjoy the cool breeze that prevents perspiration while one is enjoying the spicy fish.     

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