Teacher suspended for hurting children

Teacher suspended for hurting children

A teacher was suspended for allegedly punishing 15 students over their poor scoring here on Saturday.

Raju a mathematics teacher at a private school here allegedly beat the students of class nine, black and blue besides stamping on their hands with his shoes on, on Friday, triggering unrest for a while the following day.

Parents shocked

Parents who were shocked to see their wards in pain laid siege to the school and took the erring teacher to task. However, Raju who seemed unfazed launched a counter attack on the parents in support of his action. This led to a commotion for sometime, with the angry parents making a bid to manhandle the teacher.


The parents alleged that Raju has been growing arrogant with every passing day acting according to his whims and fancy.

They demanded for his suspension, only to be turned down by the school authorities.

High drama

This ensued a high drama with the parents staging a sit-in. Seeing that the situation was going out of control, police personnel too were summoned. Eventually, the parents tasted victory with the authorities agreeing to suspend the teacher.

This followed a recommendation from education coordinator Mahadevaiah to place the teacher under suspension with pending inquiry.