Mazy's Muddle: Three times the trouble!

Mazy's Muddle: Three times the trouble!

Hello, hello, hello! There is something common in the following three things – the planet earth, the primary colours and the bones in our elbow.

What, what, what could it be? The number 3! Earth is the third planet from the sun, there are three primary colours and most elbows have three bones.

This week, I’m thinking of all things in threes because of what happened on Sunday. Mona, Kichoo and I went and bought ourselves some popcorn. We paid Rs 30 for three packets. The popcorn man returned Rs 5 because he said he was giving us a discount. Wow, wow, wow!

So happy were we that we took back Re 1 each from the  five bucks, and donated Rs 2 to the little boy who came in with a box collecting money for the welfare of street dogs.

We went back home, happily. “So since we each got back one rupee from Pop Uncle, that means we each paid just Rs 9. Three times Rs 9 is Rs 27. And we gave Rs 2 to that kid. So we’ve spent 27 plus two, 29 right? Uh, but we shelled out 30 bucks! What happened to the other one rupee?”

“Silly, silly, silly Mazy!” said Mona and then became quiet. For once I think she did not have the answer you have the answer?

Out of the maze: Mazy and his friends did not spend 9 x 3 = 27 rupees. They spent Rs 30 – Rs 5 = Rs 25 on popcorn, and gave away Rs 2. So totally, they spent only 25 + 3 = Rs 27. That is, Rs 9 each.