'Earlier they slept, now they see porn'

'Earlier they slept, now they see porn'

Even as the BJP finds itself on a sticky wicket over the ‘porn episode,’ residents in the City are outraged at the lowly act by the three ex-ministers.

When a cross section of the people were asked to comment on two ministers watching porn in the Assembly that has put the government in a tight spot, people said they could expect nothing better  from the elected representatives.

Abhimanyu, an engineering student, said: “If the ministers were that desperate, they could have viewed the video elsewhere and not in the Assembly. Tendering resignations will not act as a deterrent in the long run. The government should initiate stringent action against the erring ministers.”

Expressing dissatisfaction over the ministers’ behaviour, R Raju, an autorickshaw driver, said: “ When we are struggling to make our ends meet, our ministers who are supposed to initiate debate and address people’s woes are busy watching porn videos while the session is in progress. We do not expect much from them anyway.”
It is highly deplorable that the ministers, who earlier slept during the session, have now resorted to watching porn videos, he added.

It is strange that when a commoner gets caught for breaking rules of the land, he is taken to task, while ministers get away with acts as heinous as damaging the sanctity of the Assembly by watching porn, rued Chandru, a taxi driver.
Posting obscene material over the internet amounts to violation of cyber law and attracts imprisonment, he said.

In the porn episode, all the three ministers not only broke the cyber law but also violated the laws governing the Assembly. Though our Constitution guarantees equality for all, in reality, those in power always get away with crime, added Chandru.

Ayushi, another engineering student, expressed dismay that the minister for women and child development was involved in the episode.