Tunes to wash away the blues

Tunes to wash away the blues

Second Coming

A performance by popular jazz band ‘Second Coming’ was recently held in the City.

Energetic : The members of the band.

Second Coming’, the popular band, recently treated Bangaloreans to a musical evening at the Royal Orchid Hotel. Several people strea­med into Geoffrey’s, the restaurant where they were performing, prior to the event. Without restricting themselves to jazz, they played a variety of famous songs, including popular numbers by the Doors and Deep Purple.

The band consists of Maynard Grant on drums, Reji Varghese on vocals and guitar, Mark Wilcox on keyboards, Philip Kohlhoff on guitar, Tonia Kohlhoff on vocals and Tenny Allwood on bass. Playing a range of instruments, including bass, keyboards and the drums, their style of music is energetic and versatile.

They began the evening with the popular song ‘Soldier of Fortune’, by Deep Purple. The song has been an anthem for rock enthusiasts for a long time, and plenty of people in the crowd cheered along to the tune. This was followed by Billy Joel’s, ‘It’s Still Rock and Roll to Me’, and the ever-popular ‘Smoke on the Water’, by Deep Purple as well.

Setting a new tone for the evening, the next song, ‘Nights in White Satin’, was a classic piece by the Moody Blues. This was followed by Carlos Santana’s ‘Black Magic Woman’, which gave the musicians ample opportunity to show off their skills with the instruments. They topped this fantastic performance with an even more popular song — ‘Light My Fire’, by The Doors.

Most of the City loves The Doors, which is why they played another song of theirs as well — ‘Roadhouse Blues’, which had the crowd cheering enthusiastically.

This was follo­wed by the edgy number, ‘Give Me All Your Loving’, by Z Z Top. The more mellow number, ‘No Ordinary Love’, by Sade, came after this.

The so­othing song was perfectly executed by the members of the band.

They topped this off w­ith another piece by Sade, cal­led ‘Never As Good As The Fi­rst Time’, which had the a­u­dience humming along.

They finished off the eve­nin­g with an energetic rendition of ‘Sh­a­des of Time’, by Carlos Sa­nta­na. All in all, it was an ev­ening worth remembering.