Tender coconuts keep heat under control

Tender coconuts keep heat under control

Cool corner

Contrary to the belief that summer starts after Shivaratri festival, temperature in the district is rising almost a fortnight in advance making the people look for tender coconuts, watermelon and cool drinks.

However, coconut trees have been affected due to various diseases and pests. So, farmers fear tender coconut would be in short supply when summer reaches its peak.

The demand for tender coconut is increasing and sales in front of the district hospital, besides the office of the deputy superintendent of police, Santemarhalli Circle and Gundlupet circle in the city is brisk. 

Apart from these places where huge heaps have been put up, small vendors are selling tender coconut by hanging bunches on their bicycles and moving around in the city.

Tender coconuts are available in two sizes priced Rs 12 and Rs 15 depending on the size. They are being supplied from Chandakavadi, Udigala, Venkataiahna Chatra and Aluru. Traders go directly to farms and buy tender coconuts at Rs 6.50 to Rs 7, they calculate the cost incurred on labour for climbing the tree and transportation and say that the margin was very less.

They say that they face competition from traders who come from Bangalore, Bellary and even Tamil Nadu who offer better price to farmers.

Mahadevappa, a farmer, said the horticulture department has failed to rescue the farmers facing the brunt due to various diseases affecting the crop.