It's scary, admits Israeli embassy diplomat in Delhi

It's scary, admits Israeli embassy diplomat in Delhi

''It is scary,'' admitted an Israeli diplomat at its embassy in New Delhi after an employee was injured in a car bombing as she was going to fetch her children from school.

Tal Yehoshua Koren, who worked in the Israeli embassy in New Delhi but was not a diplomat, was going to the American Embassy School to fetch her children in a Toyota Innova car when her vehicle was bombed Monday. Three more people were injured.

“Life for Israeli diplomats in India isn’t easy,” quoted an employee as saying.

“You are always surrounded by police officers and security guards. It is difficult but we’ve been maintaining a kind of normal life, but what had been will be no more, especially in relation to the day-to-day life of diplomats’ families.”

Israeli diplomats in India admitted that the terror could have been much worse if Koren’s children happened to have been in the car at the time of the blast, the media report said.
An Israeli diplomat in the Israeli embassy in India said: “We were always warned, and even more so recently, that we’re a target."

“But you don’t really understand it until it happens. We will continue working and doing what needs to be done, but one must admit, given that we have families, children - it is scary,” the diplomat was quoted as saying.