Return ` 7 crore from Mysugar to PSF

Return ` 7 crore from Mysugar to PSF

Farmers of Pandavapura had demanded that payment of Rs 7 crore transferred from Pandavapura Sugar Factory (PSF) to Mysugar Factory should be returned immediately.

The payment should instead be used to pay farmers in the Pandavapura region, they demanded.

Protestors led by Pandavapura Town Municipal Council (TMC) former president Honnagirigowda staged a demonstration in front of the deputy commissioner’s office here on Tuesday.

They alleged that administration at PSF had deteriorated after it was handled by Mysugar Factory chairman. They demanded that a committee led by the regional commissioner should be formed monitor the administration of the factory.

The factory is important to the farmers and the government should take measures to improve the conditions at PSF, they demanded. A memorandum signed by Chikkapaapegowda, Shivanna, Nanjegowda, Krishna and Govindagowda demanded that government should intervene to monitor the factory.