Wild bison fights for life

Wild bison fights for life

A wild bison, which was found injured at a coffee plantation at S K Megal has been there, since a week now. 

The animal was found in a pathetic state on Thursday last and even after a week, the situation of the wild bison has not improved. It has injured its back along with the hind legs and has not been able to stand on its feet. 

This 10-year old, injured animal has been fighting for life since then. Though Veterinary doctor has been visiting to provide medication to the animal, there has been no considerable improvement in its condition. 

Meanwhile, the local residents who are apprehensive over the survival of the animal have made all possible efforts to give their best try. They have contacted Mysore Zoo and asked the authorities if they could provide treatment to the injured animal.

 As a result of this effort, the local veterinary doctors have spoken to specialists in Mysore and have learnt the course of treatment over phone.

The animal has been trying its level best to stand on its own feet. It has been able stagger just three to four steps with great difficulty. Due to these restless efforts of the wild bison, it is suffering more pain and injuries.

Though veterinary doctor Pradeep had suggested building of barrack around the animal to restrict its movement, on Monday itself, it has not been done yet. Yuvaraj, the owner of the plantation, where the injured animal has taken refuge says that the Forest Department has forgotten its duties. 

He says that since the food intake of the animal is not very good, the possibilities of the animal surviving look rather vague.